Nail Polish is an Oppressive Tool of Patriarchy!

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Haha just kidding. Sorta.
So lately I've been trying to do more... typically "girly" things, like put on nail polish (black in memory of high school) and makeup (I watched a bunch of youtube videos about how to do emo/punk makeup).

The whole freakish thing about how girls put eyeliner BETWEEN THEIR EYE AND THEIR EYELASHES (omg it's scary, and it tickles and hurts at the same time), and the fact that when you do wear makeup, you have to not touch your face all night and then bring all the crap with you in case you mess it up or it starts to come off, and besides the fact that doing eye makeup almost guarantees having an eyelash in your eye by the end of the night, and besides the fact that you have all this crap caked on your face. I mean as long as it looks good right?

Anyway besides all that: NAILPOLISH. I thought it would be easy, for some reason. First of all, it's impossible to put on without having it gob all over the place (ie: not on the nail, where its supposed to be). And then - and here's the oppressive tool of patriarchy bit - you have to NOT DO ANYTHING, not touch anything, basically not use your nail for anything (and they're usually so useful!) because otherwise you start chipping the polish all off.

It's like little corsets for your fingertips.

So let me ask you, seriously, what the hell?

Iris Star Chamberlain

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